triathalon training

There are all sorts of training methods out there, but CrossFit is one of the newest on the block to get a lot of attention for both good and bad reasons. The good: It gets results. It’s ¬†intense. It develops well-rounded fitness. You can see more about the benefits here:¬†

The bad: It is developing a reputation for causing injury. Some of the Olympic movements are difficult and require a lot of technique, but the coaches emphasize speed over technique. It’s intense.

The good is that CrossFit doesn’t focus on one area of fitness like strength or endurance to the detriment of one area of fitness. It gets results because it is intense and many people that walk into a CrossFit gym have never worked out at anything near the intensity of the typical CrossFit class.

That intensity is also what gets it into trouble. Movements such as the clean-and-jerk require many reps and lots of close attention to form in order to perform them safely. The problem is that CrossFit often has their students performing these movements for time after only a few classes. When you combine high rep Olympic lifts with a timed environment, you have a recipe for injury. People that buy CrossFit home gym equipment get into trouble when they try to perform these movements without knowing proper technique.

The other knock on CrossFit is that it is somewhat cult-like in its following. Participants can’t just do their workout and let the results speak for themselves, they have to tell the world about it…often.¬†

So if you can avoid the pitfalls while reaping the benefits of the workouts, you will see results. Just let those results speak for themselves!